Mercedes-Benz, USA

The Best or Nothing

The world’s best selling luxury automotive brand brings with it a mountain of responsibility, challenges, and opportunities. Explore some of my highlights working as a Project Manager for Mercedes-Benz, USA.

Digital Shopping Experience

Reserve your dream car online.

Consumer insights. Your digital dealership.

It’s a seemingly impossible automotive dilemma: how can we improve both the customer and dealer’s experience when selling a car? How do we provide value to both parties? The Digital Shopping Experience is the first step towards the constantly accelerating digitization of commerce. Find the car, see the pre-negotiated deal, and put down your deposit. For our customer, it’s that simple.

For the dealer, this is a monumental shift in business. I was tasked with turning a far-fetched idea into a reality; bringing together a dealer network, the business team, development teams, and media agencies to launch a program where consumers could actually reserve a car online.

The result was a three-step process that lets users effortlessly take the next step towards ownership.

The digital headquarters of Mercedes-Benz USA.

Build Your Own -

Rapid iteration through Agile development.

The changing world of digital demands that companies can react swiftly. As the Project Manager lead for, I’ve been uniquely positioned to serve as both a client parter and a project manager, working directly with multiple clients, agencies, and partners to turn requirements into products.

I work with Mercedes-Benz USA, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, and the Mercedes-Benz dealer network to develop business strategy and insights. My team of tech, QA, and creative resources develops in two-week sprints, participating in up to 100 releases a year.

Mercedes me

My role as a project manager, producer, and video editor of the global Mercedes me brand.

“The Anthem” – Editor & Producer

Dipping my toes in.

The task: transform a global brand for the US market. That brand was Mercedes me, and it was due to be the industry-leading ownership platform, exclusively for Mercedes-Benz owners.

Joining the team in 2015, I managed the Creative group responsible for developing the US brand, working closely with our client to realize the vision for the US without sacrificing any of the clout developed by the international brand.

A simple web platform grew to become a multi-platform ecosystem that follows a customer’s entire journey with Mercedes-Benz.

The international film shoot.

The launch of the Mercedes me apps for iOS and Android was to bring with it much fanfare. We were tasked with shooting six videos: 5 x 30s feature spots and an anthem video (shown above).

Having developed a diverse knowledge of the brand, the technology, and the client requirements, I was brought on to produce the project, with tasks that ranged from coordinating the delivery of vehicles to Vancouver, BC, Canada, to serving as the on-set product expert.

My education in film and experience as an editor proved crucial as I worked closely with actors to ensure dummy phone interactions would pair properly with the director’s final vision of each video.

A Mercedes-Benz GLC300 on a film set.
A GLC300 staged for the shoot.

The on-call editor.

The combination of studies in Audio Engineering, Film, and Television has encouraged others to place trust in my work, tapping me to attend recording sessions with VO talent Jon Hamm and bring that work around to the final edited product, with animation, composition, and audio mixing all in play.

This trust originates from the results I’ve displayed across the projects I’ve worked on, showing clients and executives that I can deliver results that are aware and supported by all components of the business. I deliver work, both through video editing and project management, that delivers.